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    As one born and raised in a rural Rwanda, Delphine Uwamahoro ’s life dream has been always to improve the lives of individuals living in rural communities, starting from girls and women. She strongly believes that: “If girls and women get opportunities to thrive, they can do whatever it takes to fulfil the basic needs for the well-being of their families”.

    She currently is the Rwanda Country Director of an international non-governmental organization, and she holds a degree in Medical Imaging Sciences. At young age, she had passion to fashion, but studying fashion, was not option at the time.

    During her professional experience in global Health, International Social Development, etc she learned from her primary school peers, how girls often meet challenges and most of the time there is no way out for them.

    Delphine’s passion for fashion and her thirst to improve the well-being of her people were all it took for her to launch the DelphineZ brand. She grouped most vulnerable girls and women in Group named ”Our Sisters Opportunity” and are placed on the DelphineZ designs production chain, allowing these members to generate a living income. Now they are becoming professionals in makings different DelphineZ designs.

    DelphineZ is a made-in-Rwanda brand which features authentic and fashionable African-inspired pieces, mixed with a contemporary touch. DelphineZ pushes global fashion boundaries through impeccable clothing, jewelry, accessories and interior décor designs.

    We design, to make our clients look glamorous, sophisticated, and leave feeling confident.